VIVAIA Popup Store

VIVAIA, an emerging and innovative shoe brand, engaged our expertise to create an immersive retail space for their debut in the United States. This pop-up store not only serves as a transitional phase for the brand, shifting from e-commerce to a physical presence, but also as a means to directly engage with customers and gather crucial in-person feedback. Our design concept is a direct reflection of VIVAIA's core values: comfort, sustainability, and innovation. We meticulously crafted the display shelving system using eco-conscious materials such as wood and paper, in perfect alignment with VIVAIA's commitment to sustainability. What sets our design apart is its sustainability aspect; the wooden shelves are designed to be easily disassembled, packed, and reused, with over 90% of the fixtures slated for reutilization in VIVAIA's future pop-up stores.


Manhattan, NY


1800 sq ft

Completion date:


Existing site condition
Design view 1
Design view 2
Mockup and fabrication progress
Final scene
Final scene
Final scene
Final scene

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