812 Washington St Residence


Hoboken, NJ, US


900 sq ft

Completion date:


▲ Existing Condition

This townhouse is located at Hoboken's main street. The historic building has been through a few renovations in the past. We can clearly see different aging tiles, studs and water proofing materials during the demolition process. To ensure reliable water proofing details and straight walls, we did a full demolition to take out all fixtures, most finishes and plumbing.

▲ Design Drawings

As the overall size is roughly 8'6" by 5', we intend to use light color material to increase the perception of space size. Dark metal hardware are introduced to add the contemporary touch. A key feature is the wall tile which are very hand made looking with rough edge and uneven surface. Also with its beautiful green color, the tile really adds an intimate scale to this small space.

▲ Finished photos

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