Love Me Hug Me

To increase public awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, the memorable & immersive pop-up exhibition "Love Me Hug Me" launches in New York City. The exhibition features a love story of a couple whose memories of love are gradually stolen by Alzheimer’s disease. The design goal is to encourage visitors to cherish the present and seize the memorial moment. The scenes in the exhibition emphasize the issues of Alzheimer’s disease upon the young generation in an immersive way. Love Me Hug Me presents 7 rooms across over 2,500 square feet space. At the start of the exhibition, participants begin their journey sitting in Memory Theater to watch a short love film about Modesto and Lolis (the male and female character of the exhibit), then they departure from Memento Terminal, play in the Twisted Playground, travel through Pink Station or immersed in Secret Galaxy, find peace in Fading Zone and finally stop at Love Crossroad.


New York City, NY, US


3000 sq ft

Completion date:


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