Olala Giftshop

This project, locating at the beautiful Eisenhower Park in Long Island, is a temporary gift shop to test out retore store ideas. Qwarch Studio was asked to propose a feasible solution back in early 2021. The structure needs to be large enough to accomdate 15 to 20 customers, and simple enough to be built and disassembled quickly. In the begining we tried the ideas of pre-cut plywood assembly, modified container and long span tent. Eventually the steel tube with vinyl membrane seem to be best option due to its ease of construction, openess, and relatively low cost. We also fabricated all the shelving system and tables and assembled them at site. The clear finish on the birch plywood works great with gift shop's colorful product.


East Meadow, NY 11554


1200 sf

Design date:

Dec. 2022

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